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Financial Assistance
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Hormuud University Scholarship program is a matching system that maximizes scholarship opportunities for students. It allows students to create an academic profile that enables them to connect with various internal and external scholarship opportunities. Updating the student profile criteria regularly will ensure students are seeing all external scholarships for which they qualify. Hormuud University Scholarship will also match students to Hormuud University scholarships and departmental scholarships for which they qualify to apply.

All applications submitted and completed by priority deadlines are eligible to be considered for scholarships. Hormuud University Offers students’ lives in whole country full scholarship and financial assistance Based on any students earned highest mark in enrollment examination

How does Hormuud University Scholarship Work?

  • Students answer questions that match them to scholarship opportunities for which they are eligible.
  • Students easily apply online to multiple scholarship opportunities through a personalized portal.
  • Students can track their application statuses via the portal.
  • Students are alerted whenever they are matched to a new scholarship opportunity.
  • Admission & Scholarship Process:
    • First step, for any student who needs to get scholarship must make full enrollment process in the university and pay a registration fee of $40.
    • After enrollment, students should take part in the admission exam held at the examination hall of the University.
    • After examination, students who get the highest marks (top ten) will get full scholarship based on their faculties.
    • Students that get the scholarship (Top Ten) should fill the rules and regulations scholarship program form.