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A message from our Director of Public Relations

Unveiling HU's World: Partnerships, Achievements, and Beyond

Caamir public relationship director

Mr. Amir Jamal Said

Director of Public Relations

Caamir public director

The Public Relations Office is the official source of information on behalf of Hormuud University. We promote University news and events, as well as the initiatives, innovations, research, activities and accomplishments of students, faculty, staff and alumni to audiences across around the world.

The Office of Public Relations also, provides relevant news focusing on the people and programs of the University to the media, the public and to our internal audiences.

The Office of Public Relations also provides a variety of communication services to our student body and faculty, organizations, university departments, including photo services and media relations.

Hormuud University has developed a number of partnerships which are geographically spread and culturally diverse.

We recognize that collaborative partnerships provide unique opportunities for students to benefit from higher education, and learn the knowledge and skills required to equip them for the workplace.

Hormuud University is an official member of many International, Regional and local Associations.

Therefore, we have launched the Karama Center for Research & Development. For research, to participate in the description and investigation of the current social problems of Somali Society. For development, to equip our students with the very necessary skills in the market. Because, we have really recognized that the students not only need a traditional university degree, but also, they require building for their capacity so as to enhance their professional skills and we are doing this under CISCO programs and Karama Center for Research & Development Training Courses.

Finally, we will be doing our utmost efforts to ensure our goals and to maintain our core values across all of these faculties and institutions of Hormuud University. However, we welcome you to participate in the endless endeavors and opportunities at HU, joining talented scholars, scientists, writers and others to teach, perform, create, and study in a place to where everyone belongs. Towards Quality and Excellence.

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