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Beyond Textbooks: Unlocking Academic Excellence at Hormuud University's Facilities


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The Hormuud University library enhances and supports students’ research and other educational programs with innovative services. The library intends to learning, research, and teaching needs for students, faculty and staff.

Library focus on Engineering, Business, Management, Agriculture and Arts, as well as other reading and supporting for reference books.

The library has a suitable environment for reading, researching and related works. Library users can access thousands of online books and journals that help researchers and students.

University Electrical
And Electronics Lab

The electrical and Electronics lab are designed for teaching Engineering undergraduate students, supporting them during their practical experimental projects (BEng courses).

Hormuud University Mission Image
Hormuud University Mission Image

Civil Engineering Labs

Civil engineering Labs are designed for teaching CE undergraduate students, supporting them during their practical experimental projects (BEng courses).

Geo-technical Engineering Laboratory

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Soil Mechanics

Every Civil engineering and Engineering geology students will practice in the geotechnical engineering lab during, Soil Mechanics. Students will perform a number of experiments, including: soil classification, compaction, permeability, direct shear testing and cyclical triaxial testing.

Students have an opportunity to work with reliable, proven technologies and modern, exciting machines that still provide the hands-on learning experience crucial to a successful engineering education.

Building Material Lab

The Building Material Lab is equipped with experimental setup required for study of properties of various building materials.

Materials And Mechanics Laboratory

Civil Engineering Materials, a requirement for all civil engineering students, receive coordinated lecture and lab time. If students learn about the strength of concrete in class, they will mix their own concrete and test its strength in the lab.

Machines in the materials lab test the strength of concrete, polymers, steel and wood.

Civil engineering undergraduate students learn in the same labs graduate students use for research. The shared workspace gives undergraduates an opportunity to observe projects they may one day work on.

The department will enhance student experience beyond strength tests, as it improves toughness tests to each of the four materials over the several years.

Hydraulics Lab

Students create a visual representation of potential flow using our laminar flow table and the flow of water, ink and vacuums collaborated by our construction partners.

A large water flume allows students to calculate water pressure and flow. The flume is complete with a board that can be raised and lowered, allowing for irrigation and standing wave simulations.

Students work with different pipe systems. These stations feature pipes with different diameters, different valves, levels of friction and pressure. Students calculate the effects of major and minor losses on the pipe systems.


The hydraulics and environmental engineering labs are located in KM13.

Hormuud University Geology Lab

The Geology lab is used for experiments related to crystallography and mineralogy, soil mechanics. State-of-the-art facilities are also available for experiments on structural geology.


The geo technical engineering research lab (KM13 Hall) and geotechnical engineering teaching lab (KM13 Hall). The proximity of these labs allows and encourages collaboration and the sharing of resources between our graduate, undergraduate students and Construction company patterns.

Building Planning And Drawing Lab

Building planning and drawing lab in civil engineering is used for make the plan of any building, structure, etc. The various plan model of this lab is generally Study model of two-story building, Study model of bifurcated stair, Study model of open well stair, Study model of flush door, Study model of racking shore, model of ventilated door, Study model of laced & bracing, Study model of fully panel door, Study model of half panel & half glazed door etc.

Survey Lab

The survey lab is used for surveying exercises and is equipped with all latest instrumentation viz levels, total stations, and GPS receivers sets for conducting ground surveying works.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

A basic knowledge of Fluid mechanics is essential for all the civil engineers as they frequently come across a variety of problems involving flow of fluids, force of fluid on structural surfaces and many more. This laboratory is used for experimentation on the properties and behavior of fluids.


The CAD Lab is designed for teaching Engineering undergraduate students with AutoCAD software and is extensively used for design and drawing. The knowledge gained in the lab eventually equips the students to provide quality service once employed in the industry.

Empowering Your Future:
Hormuud University's Comprehensive Career Guidance Program

Hormuud University's Career Guidance Section is dedicated to assisting prospective students, current students, and graduates with career planning and decision-making through a variety of resources and programs. These services aim to facilitate career transitions, study decisions, skill identification, and professional development goals, ultimately supporting students in navigating towards meaningful careers. The university's efforts include fostering relations with the employment sector, guiding undergraduates towards optimal career paths, enhancing transferable skills for workforce efficiency, and connecting graduates with job opportunities. Hormuud University envisions empowering students to achieve their full potential, shaping their futures, and contributing positively to society. The mission emphasizes guiding students to recognize their competencies and planning their educational and career paths accordingly, thereby advancing personal, educational, economic, and social outcomes.

Hormuud University Mission Image Hormuud University Mission Image Hormuud University Mission Image Hormuud University Mission Image
Hormuud university library
Library: The Gateway to Knowledge

Immerse yourself in our state-of-the-art library, a haven for knowledge seekers. With an expansive collection of books, journals, and digital resources, our library is designed to inspire innovation, support research, and foster a love for learning. Whether you're exploring new academic territories or diving deep into your field, our serene and technology-rich environment provides the perfect backdrop for your intellectual pursuits.

Sports Facilities: Energize Your Spirit
Sports Facilities: Energize Your Spirit

Unleash your athletic potential at our top-tier sports facilities. From sprawling sports fields to modern gyms, we offer a dynamic range of activities that cater to every fitness level. Engage in team sports, individual challenges, or leisure activities in a supportive and vibrant community. Here, it's not just about physical fitness, but building teamwork, resilience, and a balanced lifestyle.

Cutting-Edge Computer Labs
Cutting-Edge Computer Labs

Step into the future with our cutting-edge computer labs, equipped with the latest in technology and high-speed internet. These labs are not just spaces for academic assignments; they are incubators for creativity, programming, and digital exploration. Whether you're coding the next big app or mastering graphic design, our labs provide the tools and resources to turn your digital dreams into reality.

Engineering Laboratories: Innovate and Create
Engineering Laboratories: Innovate and Create

Experience hands-on learning in our advanced engineering laboratories. Designed to bridge theory and practice, these labs offer specialized equipment and tools for a wide range of engineering disciplines. From robotics to renewable energy, our facilities are a playground for innovation, where you can experiment, design, and create the technologies of tomorrow.

Engineering Laboratories: Innovate and Create
Wireless Connectivity: Stay Connected Everywhere

Connectivity is at the heart of our campus experience. With widespread wireless internet access, you're never more than a click away from the world's knowledge. Stay connected, collaborate online, and access digital resources from any corner of the campus, ensuring your learning journey is seamless and boundless.

Prayer Rooms and Mosque: Spiritual Harmony
Prayer Rooms and Mosque: Spiritual Harmony

Find peace and spiritual fulfillment within our campus. Our prayer rooms and mosque offer a tranquil retreat for reflection and worship. In this inclusive space, we embrace diversity and foster a sense of community and belonging, allowing everyone to connect with their faith and cultural heritage.

Safety and Security: Our Priority
Safety and Security: Our Priority

Your safety is our top priority. With comprehensive security measures and fire safety protocols, we ensure a secure and worry-free environment. Our dedicated security team is always on duty, making sure that you can focus on what matters most - your education and personal growth.

"Empowering Voices: Hormuud University's Student Council Policy Framework"

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The Union Policy document of Hormuud University outlines the structure, objectives, and procedures of the Student Council, emphasizing its role in enhancing student life on campus. It serves to represent student interests, facilitate communication, and sponsor educational and social activities. The Council is composed of students from all undergraduate programs, aiming to officially represent students, foster a forum for discussion, and actively engage in campus life. Eligibility criteria ensure candidates are of high moral and academic standing, while the hierarchy specifies roles for President, Vice President, and Secretary. The document also details the Council's meetings, guidelines, and the process for member removal, ensuring a democratic and inclusive approach to student governance and campus engagement.