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Post Graduate

Empowering Leaders for Tomorrow, Cultivating Success and Building a Better Future

Bridging Academia and Employment

I am extremely pleased to serve as Coordinator for the Postgraduate Diploma Studies in Education and Business Administration and am incredibly proud of the academic quality, pathways and opportunities available to our students.

Welcome to the Postgraduate Diploma from Hormuud University, that is designed for recent graduates to develop their Education and Business knowledge and acumen, in order to accelerate their access to the workplace by pursuing a postgraduate qualification. Our aim is to prime students for the world of work, to become professional, responsible, innovative, self-managing leaders.

University offers Diploma of programs on the fallowing courses:

  • Diploma of Education
  • Diploma of Business Administration

We look forward to nurturing our students who will have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and commitment required to making a better world for everyone. May I wish you an intellectually rewarding candidature in your post graduate diploma degree program.

Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Omar
Coordinator of Postgraduate Diploma
Hormuud University