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Our academic programs

Embark on a journey of discovery and innovation at Hormuud University, where academic excellence meets real-world application

Faculty of Engineering

Dive into the world of engineering, where we shape problem solvers and innovators. Our programs in civil, mechanical, electrical, and more, are tailored to challenge the mind and spark creativity, empowering you to engineer solutions for tomorrow's challenges.

Faculty of Computer Science & IT

In the digital age, our faculty stands at the forefront of technological advancement. From software development to cybersecurity, we offer cutting-edge programs that prepare students for the rapidly evolving tech landscape, empowering them to become leaders in the field.

Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences:

Our faculty combines rigorous academic theory with practical insights into the business world. With programs in economics, finance, marketing, and management, we prepare future leaders to navigate the complexities of the global economy with confidence and integrity.

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences:

Explore the human experience through our programs in psychology, sociology, political science, and more. We encourage critical thinking, creativity, and a deep understanding of the social issues that shape our world, preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society.

Faculty of Geoscience & Environment:

Delve into the study of our planet and its systems with our programs in geology, environmental science, and geography. Our faculty is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the Earth, its resources, and the importance of sustainable management for future generations.

Faculty of Shari'a & Leadership:

Our faculty offers a comprehensive understanding of Islamic law and leadership principles, blending traditional knowledge with modern applications. This unique program prepares students for roles in religious, community, and organizational leadership, grounded in ethical and moral values.

Faculty of Agriculture:

With a focus on sustainable agriculture and modern farming techniques, our faculty is dedicated to preparing students for the challenges of food security and agricultural innovation. Our programs cover a range of topics, from crop science to animal husbandry, equipping students with the knowledge to lead the agricultural sector towards a sustainable future.