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No Worries, We've Got You Covered: HU FAQs at Your Fingertips.

Hormuud University FAQs

Our school offers several graduate programs leading to lecture certification. You can read about these programs in greater detail online, and you can also attend a weekly information session to learn more about the application process.

Bachelor of Science (BS)

The BS degree is for those seeking the first college degree typically focusing on an area related to science.

Professional Certificate

Professional certificates are granted at a national level through an outside organization and are specific to an area of focus.

HU’s Faculty of Engineering, from its humble beginnings in 2010 was known as Faculty of Engineering with only six departments and now has grown into one of the best engineering faculties in Somalia. To date, the faculty has six exciting departments offering six Bachelor programs, with enrollment of over 3000 for undergraduate students.

Currently Faculty of Engineering has 6 departments; Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Geology & Mining.

We have a range of great facilities and we have a very conducive environment for staff in Hormuud university and students. We also provide rental services for laboratories and facilities. Contact Person:
  • Eng. Mohamed Saed Yusuf
  • Dean's Office
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Hormuud University.
  • Tel: +252-619156769

Entry requirements vary between universities– a full list of universities and their minimum entry criteria can be found in our search tool. If you are unsure, you meet a university criterion, it is best to contact their admissions team for further guidance. More information can be found on our entry requirements web page.

Please complete our update my details form and we'll do this for you. For name and date of birth changes, you need you to attach a clear photo or scanned copy of an official document showing your birth certificate or passport. As long as we’ve got everything we need, we’ll update your details and the changes will display in Track. It's important you also let your universities and colleges know.

To be able to pay and complete your application, every section must be ticked as complete. If you're applying independently, that includes your referee submitting. Please avoid clicking multiple times as this can also cause problems. If it locks your payment attempts, this will reset automatically after two minutes.

Official transcripts from all secondary institutions are required for admission. * Please note, students must submit official transcripts requested from the Minister of Education.

There will not be any representatives or transportation from the Hormuud University at the airport when you arrive. You will need to take the public transport such as tuk tuk to the University on your own. Nevertheless, a pick up schedule for all new undergraduate students at the beginning of each semester. The pick-up arrangement should be done at least two weeks before arriving to Mogadishu by contacting Hormuud University staff and sending copy of the offer letter and students’ flight details.

Yes. Hormuud University will provide you with student visa if your application is successful and when you have officially registered as a student in the university. New students are advise apply for VDR ( Visa With Reference) and arrange the visa matters with Visa Unit prior of their coming to Mogadishu-Somalia.

Hormuud University requires you have an A Level or O Level in English qualifications. Nevertheless, if you do not have any of the above qualifications, you can still apply as usual but if your application is accepted, you will be required to provide one of the above English requirements.

The Examinations Section requires a written and signed request in order to process and release a copy of your academic transcript.

Your written request should detail your name as stated in your degree; degree awarded and year of graduation; the copies of transcripts you require; the address for posting of transcripts.

Every applicant who is applying for an Academic Transcript will be charged a fee of $50 Payment must be made via Salaam Somali Bank. A copy of the applicant's Identity Card must be attached with the application. A small fee may be charged for posting transcripts to overseas addresses. Payment by credit card or in foreign currencies is NOT accepted.

We don’t arrange student finance, but you can choose to allow us to share some of the details from your application with your regional funding organization. Further advice on funding available for HU undergraduates and information on how to apply for this can be found on the undergraduate student finance section of our website.

Please contact the Finance office. Email: Office: +252852804

To view the current tuition rates and fees, please visit the Tuition and Financial Aid page on our website.To view the current tuition rates and fees, please visit the Tuition and Financial Aid page on our website.

Undergraduate students - Please refer to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. Graduate students - Many aid programs that are available to undergraduate students are not offered to graduate students. Therefore, if eligible, many students finance their graduate education through the aid programs.