Department of Civil Engineering (CE)

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering (CE) of Hormuud University. The syllabus of CE Department has been designed so that it can cover a broad range of disciplines related to structural, environmental, geotechnical, transportation and water resources engineering. The spacious laboratories, specifically designed for civil engineering program, are well equipped to support this program. Besides, our rich labs will enhance the experience of the students of this department.

Civil engineering is a broad field that involves public infrastructure, including transportation, water resources, buildings and other structures such as dams and bridges. Civil engineers plan, design and supervise the construction of facilities such as high-rise buildings, airports, roads, water treatment centers, sanitation plants and waste management facilities. In this process extreme care is taken to minimize the adverse effects on the environment and thus a balance is maintained between the needs of society with technical and economic feasibility. Therefore, Civil Engineering is very important for development of modern era.

The CE department of HU provides internship for its students, who are being attached to various firms and organizations to work in practical fields. They get the opportunity to apply their skills and theoretical knowledge in real life situations.