Thank you for your great interest in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at Hormuud University – Somalia.

As a Faculty Dean, I am extremely delighted to welcome you to the Destination of Knowledge, where we have a dedicated staff, caring mentors and hardworking students who are passionate about what they are doing, teaching and learning. The Faculty is an excellent center that provides students with positive, challenging but rewarding learning experiences and relatively vibrant environment. The FASS offers so far, a degree of Bachelor in the following Departments:

  1. Department of Public Relations
  2. Department of Mass Communication

The base of these specializations is stunningly aligned with two approaches: widening one’s world view and developing one’s critical thinking techniques. Throughout studies, students will cultivate strong critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving, communication skills, and creative talents. These qualities are desperately required for any successful career in any marketplace and we – at FASS – offer our students an opportunity to broaden their views and foster their critical approach through our rich curriculum, seminars, workshops, and activities in and off campus.  Tailoring our students with the needs of market jobs sets the Faculty’s mission to provide an inspiring teaching and learning experiences through creative transformation. It is also an added value and positive contribution to Somali nation to have nurtured intellectuals, capable to examine the nation’s development, at large, from social perspectives. Our method is that we are driven by results and values that necessarily maps our minds to harness students’ hidden talents and transform these gifts into practice.

With these capacities and supports in place, I invite you to join us by sharing the values and standards we set for ourselves as we promote the highest degree of quality in teaching and learning in our nation. By joining HU, you will be part of successful process that will illuminate your academic and career life Insya-Allah. Thank you for your support.



Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,