Faculty of computer science and Information Technology

Dean’s message:

The faculty of computer science and information technology of Hormuud University thrives the educational background that enables the students of sciences and technology to gain the required knowledge and experience through which they will be able to work any field related to computer science and IT. Eventhough the computer science and IT engineering are very challenging in Somalia we have being able to become one of the top leading universities in these fields through faculty instructors who have the required academic experience of teaching to deliver the best practices and to achieve the maximum objectives, this practices can be seen from the computer science & IT labs that are busy with students performing programs in different fields on science and IT to practice the materials being thought in the class with the help of the lab engineers that are ready to fulfill the student needs. We have very rich library full of computer science & IT books to make sure the students have the best reference books to flow.

Our development and research center newly brought highly trained professionals specialized for CISCO certification to build the networking base of our students to prepare them to CISCO CERTIFICATION exams.

Our training department together with the research and development center arranges quality-training section which covers variety of areas like web development using (HTML 5), IOS App development, Graphic Designing using (PS&AI), c++ programing, JAVA programing, CISCO CCNA, AI, Data science etc.

By providing a diverse range of contents in our program, we are trying to make sure that our students are fit for various career opportunities, all of which are exciting, rewarding, and greatly needed for our rapidly developing country. Depending upon their choice, they may either join field jobs, such as Software Engineers, Sales Managers, Hardware and Software Vendors, Consultants, Programmers, etc., or work in academic institutions as researchers or teachers.

My message to students will be “if you didn’t stand for something you will fall for everything”, as you join us we will lead you to the right path of becoming one of the best programmers and app developers in the country, not only we are giving you a knowledge required to this field we will also help you reach your potential by consultancy and discussion.  As you enroll  to this department we are  expecting you to utilize every hour, every minute and every second of the four years you are spending with us and never skip a class/lecture because if you do you will never catch up .It is very highly recommended for the students to attend  all the classes and section to be able to pass or attend the final exams as the  attendance has very serious regulations in our department  and any one who violates it will be sanctioned accordingly.

we are defined by our values and social welfare but we are under no circumstances except or tolerate any misconduct against the university rule-of-law, remember This is not our only department to make it the best in the country but it is your department as well so we need you to help us to develop it together for farther reach.

Please allow me to welcome you again to the one of the fastest growing and most job demanding faculties in the world.

Mr. Mohamed Omar Hassan

Dean faculty (Computer science & IT)