Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his companions at all after that: At Hormuud University, the uniqueness – at the national level – in the education of engineering and other scientific specialties is our main aim that we make great efforts to achieve it. As a HU community, we believe that unity is  a power. We are also committed to the academic excellence, search for goodness, servingto society, fostering innovation and creativity and freedom from discrimination.

In 2015, since my appointment by the Board of Trusteesfor the leadership positionof HU, we ( I and my team) have begun planning for extending the university faculties; from only engineering faculty to five functioning faculties. The added four faculties are, namely, faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology,Economics and Management Sciences,Arts and Social Sciences, and Agriculture and Veterinary.We have done all of these extensions to open up new academical opportunities to the newly admitted students to the university in order to participate in developing the various aspects of Somali Society.

To broaden the educational and philosophical horizons of our students, we have developed the University Curriculum by adding other very important subjects to it, such as Islamic Culture and Somali Studies, because we don’t want graduate students who are poor in the islamic spirituality and lack of the spirit of nationalism. We really want to put out a perfect students.

We also believe in the power of our students to create opportunities for themselves and others.Therefore, we have launched the Karama Center for Research & Development. For research, to participate in the description and investigation of the current social problems of Somali Society. For development, to equip our students with the very necessary skills in the market. Because, we have really recognized that the students not only need a traditional university degree, but also they require building for their capacity so as to enhance their professional skills and we are doing this  under CISCO programs and Karama Center for Research & Development Training Courses.

Finally, we will be doing our utmost efforts to ensure our goals and to maintain our core values across all of these faculties and institutions of Hormuud University. However, We welcome you to participate in the endless endeavors and  opportunities at HU, joining talented scholars, scientists, writers and others to teach, perform, create, and study in a place to where everyone belongs.


Towards Quality and Excellence

Dr. Adam Shidane Guled


Hormuud University