Hormuud University is a non-profit organization owned by the private sector. It started with engineering specializations in telecommunication, electricity and mechanics. It is equipped with modern laboratories and teaching facilities to achieve quality training. The university is in preparation to extend the training domains to other essential disciplines in the coming years. Mogadishu is the Headquarter of The University.

Technical Cooperation

Hormuud University started academic cooperation with some universities in the region. These include University of Malaya, Malaysia, University of Nairobi, University of Khartoum and University of Sudan for Science and Technology. It planned to extend its cooperation in academic and research fields with other regional and international universities and organizations.



Prior to the outbreak of the civil conflict in early 19s, the number of Somali graduates from local University Colleges was scarce, in fact, there was only one University in the whole Country then: The Somalia National University SNU. This meant the country’s need for qualified graduates to cover the growing market demands and country’s development programs for specialized skills were incomparably at their lowest ebb.Trained manpower (THR) is the fuel for instructions and company organizations. So, high demands and scarcity of local THR triggered fast establishment of private instructions and the companies at the burden expenses (limiting factor) of haired foreign. Under these situations the businessman intellectuals of HTC, coined or pioneered a university – company linkage institution named HU in the early 2010, to reverse (an objective) the scarcity status of locally LTHR in the most financial demanding and the market highly demanded specializations of engineering:Telecommunication Engineering Computer Programing Engineering Electricity – Electronics Engineering As one can see, HU  is not established as a financial profit making institute. It is, on the contrary established to raise the numerator of this ratio, locally THR and Hired HR. automatically collateral with that is job = creation opportunities. To achieve in these goals, HU officials set down clear, specific.


To give access to high quality of education based technology and superior training.


To advance the intellectual and social condition of the people of the country through quality programs of teaching, research, service, creative activity, outreach and training. In fact, HU is abode of quality education and competitive training.


To provide quality education that responds creatively to the challenges of producing globally competitive graduates. To empower the students’ potential competence to apply their knowledge and the skills to problems solving scientifically. To enhance the University’s learning environment to attract and retain: Good reputation students. Creative lecturers Excellent students and Competent administrator Both HTC and UH monitor and rate the success of these goals on the academic and technological performances achievements of  the student beneficiaries in obtaining.

–    Bachelor Degree

–    Post-Graduate Degree